Doha, Qatar Itinerary – The richest country in the world

Do you know the existence of this country~ Qatar?

Yes, it is a small country yet it is the top-ranked richest country in the world.According to FORTUNE:

“The small Middle Eastern country often ranks as one of the richest countries in the world per capita. Qatar’s population is approximately 2.27 million, giving it a total GDP of approximately $124,930 per person and making it the richest country in world as of 2017, according to the IMF. The country has grown despite facing lower prices for hydrocarbon, a major revenue source for Qatar, which is used for fuel. Qatar’s GDP growth is expected to continue through 2017.”

As you can see on the map, it is a small (but strong) country as compared to middle east countries.

I got the chance to transit and stopover at Doha, Qatar when I was travelling to Madrid, Spain.

It was a great flight deal from Qatar Airways with the 5 stars service where the flight ticket that time only costs me around MYR 2200 for return tickets from Malaysia.

And I have a half day to go out and explored the city.

Do you need Visa to enter Qatar?

If you are the citizen of these countries, you are now entitled to take advantage of visa-free entry into Qatar.

Qatar Waives Entry Visa Requirements for Citizens of 80 Countries 

Where to visit in Qatar?

The Pearl – Qatar : 

The man-made island, modern housing development.High rise buildings with nice shopping malls.Good landscaping.Mostly expat area.

Image credit: here

Katara Cultural Village:

Reviews from travellers:

  • Katara Cultural Village is one of the grand and unique cultural projects worldwide.
  • Many cafes and restaurants, the open amphitheatre, culture centres and museums over there.
  • A good place to visit.

Image credit: here

Museum of Islamic Art:

Reviews from travellers:

  • Excellent museum with an extensive collection of Islamic art and artefacts.
  • Spectacular Museum, This museum is amazing because of not only the pieces inside but because of the architecture and views.
  • Go on the weekend so you can enjoy the flea market outside as well!

Image credit: here

Souq Waqif:

A traditional Arabian market, where you will find garments, jewellery, spices and handicrafts.

Reviews from travellers:

  • Packed with all kind of restaurants, activities, shops, cafes, and there are also few hotels at the heart of this area.
  • As a Doha base, I recommend this place if it’s your first time in here .this is an Arabic traditional market. you’ll find everything here from cafe’s restaurants boutique hotels, selling traditional garments, spices, handicrafts souvenirs and it is almost close to every landmark in the city.

Image credit: here

Below are the pictures I took when I stopover at Doha back in the year 2011. I believed it has changed a lot?!

My Qatar True Story:

Back in 2011, I still remembered that was a national day of Qatar. And all the citizens were celebrating on the street.

Crowded with people and I was walking alone in a totally strange and new country for me. In fact, this was my first ever solo travel in overseas.

And because it was a national public holiday, the road was blocked for National Day celebration. I have no choice but to walk back to the hotel I’ve booked (which was closed to Doha old airport those time).

It was a bit scary for me as the sky became dark around 5 pm. It was not near at all to go back to the hotel because I was taking the cab to come to the town earlier. In the halfway, I saw a Qatar Airway centre. Hence, I went in to ask for some help as this is the only place I am familiar with (I booked my visa and hotel package with them).

Ended up, that was one of the Syed offered me to give me a ride back to the hotel. I know it’s dangerous to go a stranger car but I  trusted my 6th sense that time, and I got into his car…

Luckily enough, the Syed was a nice old man and he really dropped me back at my hotel. Fuiyyy..nothing happened.. 🙂

I know sometimes I am a bit crazy and I don’t know where I got all those guts to do something insane even till now in year 2018. But yeah that’s just me. 🙂


Is this pearl still exist in Doha?

This is one of my favourite hotels which I have booked via Qatar Airways (inclusive the visa process fee, back in 2011). It was really a great deal and good service.

Having Transit to Qatar and want less hassle to visit the town?

Check out the website of Discover Qatar, which is the Destination Management Division of Qatar Airways, with a mission to advance the development of Qatar as a premium tourist destination.

click here


Turn your transit at Hamad International Airport into an incredible experience in Qatar by signing up for one of our daily excursions.Discover Qatar, in association with Qatar Tourism Authority, hosts a tours desk in the transit zone for booking on arrival at the desk.If your transit is more than 5 hours, you can join a city tour or desert adventure, and enjoy a fantastic Doha excursion before connecting to your final destination.

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How to start a blog

“As this is really beneficial to everyone, hence I’m sharing this in my blog… Or course for my future posts, I will still sharing more about travel relevant posts. However, please take times to read at least this post:”

You may curious about blogging platform…

How to make money via blogging?

How to transform blogging becomes a business platform?

However, it all takes time to see the results and outcome.

First thing first, you must have your own blog website. Trust me, I was using many free blogs when I first started (just to test the water). Ended up, I “migrated” 3 times to create and have my own blog website.

For the newbie, do not repeat the same mistake as me.

Because when you are using a free blog website, there are many restrictions on the free blog.

You might not able to put the advertisement on your free blog – which means indirectly you’ll reduce many potential ways to work with some top brands and potential companies.

Find niche theme for your blog

When you have decided to start a blog, please ensure that what type of topic that you want to focus on writing or sharing.

I understand everyone likes to share many things. Sometimes, I like to share about travelling, sometimes I like to share other topics like sports, movies etc.

However, based on my research online. Most of the bloggers encourage to only FOCUS on one theme. I totally agreed with that. Just imagine when one reader searching for a topic about travelling. When he/ she comes to your page and read one of the relevant articles, and the readers might interested to know more about other travelling ideas or stories. But since you have so many different themes on your blog, it might lose the attention or interest from him/her.

It is the same thing as you want to buy a genuine watch, you will search and walk to a few shops who selling only watches. Imagine the shop is selling many other different things including toys, clothes and jewellery. How would you feel?

You need to have your own domain & web hosting

In order to own a blog, you will need to register a domain for your blog website.

First, brainstorm a good name for your blog. For example, if you like to have a blog for food, I will suggest a name which will be relevant to “food”.for example,  the well-known brand “foodpanda” in Malaysia, this is quite straightforward and readers will be directly related to food. Isn’t it?

Next, choose a reliable hosting company.

Depends on your target audience, if your main focus is the local audience in Malaysia or somewhere Asia. Here are a few companies that I want to suggest:


This is one of the most hostings company recommended by most bloggers. Yes, I have looked around online and read most of the other bloggers’ review about each hosting company.

It is one of the oldest web hosts started in 1996, Bluehost has become the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting. They are an official ‘WordPress‘ recommended hosting provider.

Again, as mentioned, if your target audience is international readers. I would suggest this.

To sign up:  click here or click on below banner:

Alternatively, you may consider companies from Malaysia:

2. SHINJIRU: click here  or below banner:

3. EXABYTES : click here or below banner:

I know there are a lot of us do not have the technical background to set up the blog.

Don’t worry, I have been through and learnt many things from other experts. If you ever need help to sign up with either one of above companies (by clicking above links), do not hesitate to let me know via email or leaving a comment below.I would be assisting you and to ensure your blog goes live.

Disclaimer: This may contain ads and/or affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs, or otherwise. Any references to third party products, rates, or websites are subject to change without notice. Please do the appropriate research before participating in any third party offers.


This is the blogging platform that most of the bloggers are using. I have tried many other blog platforms as a start,  it is not saying wordpress is the best user-friendly kindly of a platform. However, there are many functions, plugin, widgets that you can install in wordpress.

I am still learning to improve better in terms of blogging and using WordPress.Each day I have been learning something new either in writing or resolving technical issues.

Whenever I have problems with WordPress, I try to google search online and it is not hard to find solution online as WordPress is commonly used by most bloggers!

Remember, everything should start from somewhere.If you think blogging is not risky to start with, why don’t you give it a try?

Despite I have just started my own blogging lately, I truly have faith in this industry.

It is not all those sorts of traditional business or multi-level marketing where you need to approach people to join you. But it is only sharing your knowledge, skills and experiences to beneficial for others.

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Dalat, the highlands of Vietnam

After Ho Chi Minh trip, I continued and heading my journey to the south central highlands of Vietnam. The next stop was Dalat city, which is the highlands in Vietnam.

The distance was around 308 km and it took about 6 hours to arrive at Dalat. Since it’s at Highland, prepare yourself with the warm jacket.

The average temperature was around 21 Celcius when I was there during the month of November.

Dalat is a great place to enjoy the nice view, nice coffee and feel the cold weather.

What you can see and do in Dalat:

Sightseeing around Dalat town:

Rent a bike and ride around the town. Have a look at the unique buildings there such as:

Sunflower Architecture Lam Vien Square –watching a movie on Wednesday (half price)

Doha Cafe

it’s just next to sunflower shopping mall, such a unique design of the shop.

Dalat has been influenced by European culture since a long time ago. According to my research, Dalat got discovered because since last time many Europeans wanted to escape the heat from Saigon (aka HCMC).

Xuan Huong Lake– It is a peaceful and relaxing place.The restaurant next to the lake is high-end scale and mainly for foreigners tourists, the price was slightly expensive.

Image from Panoramio

Crazy House – It is worth to go once

Initially, the house was named “Hang Nga guesthouse”, but was then changed to “Crazy House”.

It was originally built as a personal project by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, who received a PhD in architecture from the University of Moscow.


Dalat Waterfalls – check out 3 main waterfalls in Dalat:

  • Pongour Waterfall – this is the largest waterfall in south Vietnam

Image from

It was a rainy season when I was there, hence the waterfall was a bit heavy with water.

  • Elephant Waterfall

Dantala Waterfall

St. Nicholas Cathedral – also known as roaster church, spot the chicken on top


Coffee farm – taking a break and enjoy the nice coffee at coffee farm

Or try some exotic food?

There are many more things you could do in Dalat including walking at the  night market, water rafting and taking cycling tour to Mui Ne.

Cycling from one city to another one is something that I wish to do the near future.

Hope you enjoy reading and happy travelling to you!


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Why should you travel alone at least once?

  • Because solo traveling is fun (if you know how to plan and enjoy it)
  • No pressure from others
  • You can do whatever and go wherever you like
  • Literally, you could control everything
  • Freedom is the key
  • Get to know more friends easily
  • Dare to venture out something new
  • You could heal yourself
  • Overcome Loneliness feeling
  • To know more about yourself

Sharing my own story here:

It is always my goal to staying long term in overseas.
It is not because I do not like my homeland, somehow I just tend to see, explore and experience new and different stuff in overseas.

Ever since young, I used to have this passion (even till today) and I always shared with my close friends that I want to find a job in overseas, even just going to the neighbouring country Singapore is also Ok for me… you could see how  desperate I am to stay abroad for a long term.

I thought a lot of ways to do make it happen.I tried to apply working holidays to New Zealand on 2017 and it failed. I was upset a while and decided instead of continuing to wait for another opportunity, why not I try to find out other ways to achieve my dream.

Hence it started my research where should I go…where can I travel cheap? I did a lot of online research and consult my friends who have done that before. After everything getting ready, I just tendered my resignation letter to my previous employer without any hesitation.
There how it started my almost 4 months solo trip to Indo-China aka Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand in 2017.

Travelling alone indeed brought me a lot of interesting stories.I still remember Doha, Qatar was the first solo trip that I have ever done. I will share it more in my next new post for “Qatar“ about what happened over there and what had I done with Arabs. Another story about my solo “Japan” trip where I have met a crazy couchsurfer and what crazy stuff I have done over there. Stay tuned for my new posts!

To be frank,traveling alone is not as scary as what you thought.If you are not confident enough to go abroad alone at the moment, try to test yourself in your own country first. Then slowly to those countries which are safe to travel alone.  I could say that I could go anywhere and wherever I like now.(by proper preparation) If I could make it, why not you?

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Asian’s life…are you willing to travel long term?

Many Asians like travelling, however, it is mainly for short-term travelling. Because for us we cannot (aka not willing) to put down all our commitments. We used to follow the social norms, follow whatever it supposed to do in our entire life. When you are reaching the age of mid-20, many people including your family members (parents, uncle, aunties) rushing you to get married and to settle down. Even though the pressure might not come from your family, however, you will start noticing that your bff, your friends are going into another stage. At one point, you wonder am I the awkward one?
Well, sad to be true that there are a lot of people did not know what exactly they want in their life…
Despite they knew, there are many reasons (excuses) to pull them back .. “I do not think I could do that..I wish I could do this but let’s see.”
I would not tell you how enjoyed I was for last long trip in Indo China. By the way, I was there for almost four months (only). However, I would say this is pretty normal kind of culture for westerners. They choose to have a gap year either from university or working life. I have met some travellers where they have even been travelling for a couple of years.
Asians and Westerners are totally different kind of mentality.
These are some questions and doubts from most of the Asian friends:
a) How dare you just quit your job and started to travel?
b) You must be very must come from the rich family…you must have a SUGAR DADDY
c) Don’t you scare that you could not find any job later on?
d) Is it very dangerous to travel alone?
e) Is it safe to go these countries?
f) Do you get money by doing volunteering?
Sometimes it is hard for me to explain in details to people. Some people just would not understand why you chose this way. A lot of jealousy, doubts, negativity from different people. Of course, I am glad that there are still many people and friends that supported and encouraged me throughout the whole journey.
Especially my family members, my parents. When my relative was asking my mum, didn’t she worry me since I travelled alone plus I am a girl…well, my mum replied her steadily: “She used to do that way.” which means she trusted me and of course one thing she knew that she couldn’t stop me. Thanks to mum and dad!
If you are reading my post now and you are an Asian, I would encourage you to try solo travel once in your lifetime (no matter you are a guy or a girl). Of course, before going you must do some homework and preparation.
Feel free to message me if you need some clarification and details. I am willing to answer all above-listed questions 🙂
The Traveller Su
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